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This video shows you how the new instant countertop Estimator works.

The NEW Lithopolis Countertop Estimator makes inputing your measurements a couple clicks of a mouse and you can share a visual representation of your countertops and receive a free consultation from a local representative with no obligation.

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How Much do Granite Granite Countertops Cost

Granite Countertops Cost vary based on a number of factors. This is why you see a wide rage of costs from other the "authority websites".

The best way to find out the cost of custom countertops is to use the instant estimator to figure out how much countertop material you will need. The next factor that we need to look at is what material will you be selecting. This can change the cost of the countertops significantly. Material costs vary like jewels. The look of the material the complexity to mine it from the earth to cut it and transport it to your local distributor all are factored into the cost of the material. this is the greatest variable in the cost of your countertops.

The instant Estimator has 3 basic price factors unless previously defined for a specific stone or color group. This would be direct to fabricator pricing and not in the margin tiers which I will get to in a minute.

  • $30-$40/Sf(Sf=Square Footage) would be for limited supply, left over or on special material.
  • $40-$50/sf would be your average full slab custom countertops with highly available and low labor to install
  • $50-$60+/Sf you start to get into materials that have mare character and increased complexity of installation and veining considerations

Margin tiers

So here is where I am going to show you where your costs for custom countertops can really get out of control. Some companies prey on the people that dont understand how this works. Depending on who you are working with you will pay more for these services. I am going to show you where costs for custom countertops can really get crazy. Some people like to have other people deal with the details.. Thats fine but expect that you are going to pay for this as well as for the reputation to be maintained.
  • General Contractor:$$$$$ - IF your general contractor is doing your countertops you don't want to know what you are paying... so dont read any further.. You are paying 30% to the contractor - 30% to the kitchen shop that they work with and full retail to the fabricator. thats a lot of hands in your wallet. if the countertops cost $60/sf - the kitchen shop is getting $90 and the general contractor is changing you $120-150/Sf ... WOW!

  • Kitchen Shop: $$$$ - a kitchen shop has a rep to uphold and they facilitate projects much like a general contractor where they don't provide the actual service but resell the services of others. If the fabricator costs for the project is $60/sf then you will pay $90-$100+ for them to manage the project.

  • Box Store: $$$ - Now here is a scary situation - the box store needs to make margin on the custom countertops but they have to charge less than the average local Kitchen shop. They try to control the market with price point and with financing and convenience. Your design work and interaction will be with a person that may actually know less then you about countertops and simply use a website to ask questions and fill out forms. You will never meet the fabricator, you will just meet an installation outfit. The box store squeezes the local fabricator and installers for lowest cost per countertop by holding volume over their head. your countertops is essential coming out of a factory where care and concern for the detail of your specific needs are much less important than getting 10 countertops fabricated and installed that day.

  • Buy Direct from a fabricator: $$ - here you have the most potential for the highest quality work at the lowest potential cost. - you need to do some research look at the companies online, read reviews, make some calls.. get some estimates. You can end up with a quality countertop at a great price. This is not to say that some direct fabricators won't try to charge you kitchen shop prices. Chances are with a little research you will find the right company for you.

  • No Showroom // back of the truck // I know a guy. : $ - basically here you will get the cheapest price but know now that if you end up with any issue you will never see this person or people again. You have a lot on the line as this is your kitchen, used everyday and these are heavy countertops that will be hard to deal with on your own if you have to get something addressed.

Some countertop authority website myths

2cm vs 3cm thickness

Some of these authority countertop websites talk about "2cm vs 3cm" as the ability to save money.. ahh no... if 2cm countetops are not supported by something then you are in trouble.. this material will break if not supported properly.. so to support it properly installers will use plywood.. buy cutting fitting and installing plywood, glueing, lminating and edging... now any 2cm material savings moved to the cost side in labor. 3cm has become the standard for residential countertops.

"Prefab countertops"

You have no control over the placemetn of seams. The countertops come pre-edged. not all kitchens will work with prefab because of extensive waste. Why does prefab exist? for the guys that work out of the back of the truck and cut your countertops in your driveway.

Coutnertop costs of $50-$200/sf

Basically they dont know what it costs. they are not providing you with the variable as I have here. Understand who you are and what involvement in your project you want and pay accordingly. Most of us are pretty savvy with a little information ;)

New Instant Countertop Estimator

This Lithopolis countertop Call-In was created using specific setting from the Call Tracking Number website on 5/15/2024 11:01:00 AM.

Lithopolis Instant Estimates are not binding and are to be used for estimating purposes. Each kitchen is unique as well as the particular style and design choices are unique. Your estimate is shared with a local Lithopolis represenative who will review the details and contact you based on the details provided. A countertop template is required in most cases to provide and accurate quote to your specific needs. Your local Lithopolis representative will review these details with you to provide you with the a countertop quote that meets your specific needs.


Granite Countertop Calculator Price:

If you are intested in receiveing a Lithopolis countertop price estimator we provide you with typical pricing per square foot for Granite counter tops and any variations that are typical to the Granite style and demand for the Granite. You may use the special price to define price points for Lithopolis granite countertops estimate, Lithopolis laminet countertop estimate, Lithopolis ceasar stone countertop estimate, Lithopolis Solid surfaces countertop estimate, Lithopolis Quartz counter top estimate, Lithopolis marble counter top estimate, Lithopolis onyx countertop estimate, Lithopolis concrete countertop estimate, Lithopolis soapstone counter tops estimate, or any other Lithopolis countertop surface estimate.

If you would like to have the Granite Counter tops Estimator integrated into your website please feel free to contact us

NOTE: All Granite estimates are non binding and are subject to the terms and conditions when your estimate is processed.

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