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This Estimating tool is designed to help you ballpark prices on custom countertops. We have a hand pick group of local service providers that will review the estimate details and contact you to provide more accurate information.

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FREE Michigan Onyx Countertops Calculator

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Use this Michigan Onyx counter top calculator to calculate the square foot and the cost of your Michigan Onyx countertop

Step #1:

Gather Measurements, grab a tape measure, a piece of paper and a pencil or pen.

Step #2:

input the measurements into the estimator or calculate the square footage on paper with this equation.

Step #3:

You will receive your instant estimate via email. A local representative may contact you for more details and provide a more accuate quote. If you dont receive any contact either the email generated to you was blocked or we don't have a partner to review in your area.
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Countertops calculator cost
Michigan Onyx Countertop Cost Estimate

Michigan Onyx Countertops Cost Calculator is powered by Michigan Onyx Countertop Makeover

New Instant Countertops Estimator

Calculate your countertop square footage!

Michigan Onyx Countertop Cost Per Square foot between $40 to $250

Many factors contribute to the costs of your custom countertops. Here we will review many factors that go into the costs associated with your custom countertops.

Top 5 Factors that affect your countertop costs

#1 Material Costs

This is by far the larger factor in the cost of custom Countertops. The price of a slab of uba tube or dallas white is much lower than a slab of iceberg quartzite. This is due to the costs associated with making this material available to you. Just like the difference between a Kia car and a Bentley.

#2 Countertop Sales process

If you require a fancy showroom, Additional designer services, faster service you may find that you will pay a premium for these additional benefits.

#3 Countertop Fabrication costs

The more work required to complete the custom countertops the more the project will cost. Waterfall edges are all the rage. Thes edges increase manufacturing time, job complexity and installation time. This will add significant costs to the labor side of the project. Companies that have invested in automation and templating for accuracy also may cost more but the chances that the end product will be more accurate and less issues with installations are worth any additional cost.

Complexity of countertop installation

4 flights of stairs in narrow hallways

Michigan Onyx Countertop Calculator Style Selector

The first page of the Michigan Onyx estimator allows you to select the style of the Michigan Onyx countertop. Each shape can define various portions of the Michigan Onyx countertop. You also can enter the total square foot for the estimate if you already know the square foot of the countertop.

Countertop Calculator Cost options
Michigan Onyx Countertop Calculator

Michigan Onyx Countertop measurements

Take the measurement according to the drawing below. Once you have entered the corresponding measurements define the purpose of the edge by defining it as a wall edge or appliance. This will define the treatment of the edge for the Michigan Onyx estimate. Also check the box if you intend to have Michigan Onyx backsplash.

Countertop Calculator Estimate
Michigan Onyx Countertop Price Estimate


How are Michigan Onyx countertops Priced for Estimate?

Step #1 measurements for Square Footage

Michigan Onyx countertop calculator square footage measuring The amount of material required for your countertop Surface area. To calculate the square footage required for your countertops we need a measuring tape and a note pad. Sketch the simple shapes of your countertop on the piece of paper and then let's start measuring. Write down your measuments in inches.. This is important to the next step. Round up measurements to the next inch . eg. if you have 38 1/2 inches use 39 for the measurement.

At this point you can use the instant estimator to input the pieces or ...

Step #2 Math Urgh!

 Michigan Onyx calculate square footage of countertops math Now we need to total up the surface area based on these measurements. This is not too hard .. so here we go. Take each area as squares and multiply the length times the width. this will give you square inches. Then divide that number by 144 to give you square feet. add all your pieces together to get the total square feet of the project. Michigan Onyx countertop calculator square footage estimating

Enter this number into the Michigan Onyx estimator to save time as the known square footage.

Step #3 Material Selection

The cost of the selected material varies a lot. Some granites are very inexpensive (as low as $29/sf in some areas of the country) and some quartzites are extremely expensive (up to as high as $200/sf ) and everything in between. The estimator has some basic price points that you can use to ballpark the estimate. Seen Below.

Step #4 Additional Michigan Onyx Countertop Costs

Some additional Factors to consider:

  • Sink cutout costs vary depending on what you need and want. If you have more than 1 sink cut out this is also a consideration. Cooktops don't have to be polished. Polishing edges for undermount sinks can increase costs. The more you need the more this will cost.
  • Complexity of installation environment.. If you live on the 3rd floor without an elevator then this can add additional man power required. If a complicated entry requires changes to the size of pieces that can enter. All these factors are typically identified at template and can't be factored into this Michigan Onyx estimator.
  • Distance to location: Most Michigan Onyx fabricators will have a standard distance they will travel. If your location is outside this distance you might see trip charges to cover the additional expenses. Again this can't be factored into the estimator.
  • Edging: the more complicated the edging the more man hours it will take to finish. These costs are typically charged by the linear foot. The estimator does not factor a fee for edging and assumes that you will select a free edge or a less expensive edge.
The Instant Michigan Onyx Countertops Estimator will help you get an idea of what the costs will be. When a local partner is available they will contact you to go over some of the additional details to help provide you with a more accurate Michigan Onyx estimate.

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Michigan Onyx Countertops Calculator Price:

If you are interested in receiving a price estimator we provide you with typical pricing per square foot for Michigan Onyx counter tops and any variations that are typical to the Michigan Onyx style and demand for the Michigan Onyx. You may use the special price to define price points for granite countertops estimate, laminate countertop estimate, ceasar stone countertop estimate, Solid surfaces countertop estimate, Quartz counter top estimate, marble counter top estimate, onyx countertop estimate, concrete countertop estimate, soapstone counter tops estimate, or any other countertop surface estimate.

Countertops calculator cost
Michigan Onyx Countertop Cost Estimate

Michigan Onyx Countertop calculator price options:

Michigan Onyx Sink cutout demo removal and plumbing are all typically extra fees. We have provided these options to help to generate a more accurate Michigan Onyx estimate for you.

Countertop Calculator Cost Options
Michigan Onyx Countertop Cost Options

Countertop Graph Paper To collect your Michigan Onyx counter top dimensions you can print out this handy graph paper to collect the sizes of the pieces of Michigan Onyx countertop you will need to calculate.

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NOTE: All Michigan Onyx estimates are non binding and are subject to the terms and conditions when your estimate is processed.

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